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Duh Factor

I’ve been working on three big startup ideas over the past 2+ years.  I’ve come to appreciate the Duh Factor for B2C projects. The duh-factor is how long it takes to get from describing your idea to the listener to them getting it and wanting it (how long does it take for you to get […]

Don’t Make Me Think and JTBD

Lately I’ve been thinking about simplification and how much of the startup idea iteration process involves simplification, especially the UI and UX aspects.  I’m such a big proponent of this approach that I realized that it’s at the core of my approach to most things in life. I like taking things that are hard and figuring […]

Venture and Angel Funding

I was thinking about the wide gulf between having a great idea and going to Angels and VCs for money while listening to the “Meet the Investors” panel at Maker Works in Ann Arbor. It struck me that VCs, Angels (and SPARK) are essentially like banks and mortgage lending — something we are all familiar […]

18 Rules

Some rules I wrote in 2014 and presented to a group of developers. Just an attempt at give a bunch of great kids some advice I’d learned over the years. 18 Rules

iPhone Ski Pics aren’t bad.

Can’t wait to get on the mountains again. Here’s what I think is my best iPhone ski pic.  Whistler 2012. You can check out a few of my other photos on 500px.