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VC and Seed money

Here’s a great rundown of a VC’s perspective on what a Seed program is and how you, as a startup, fit in. See:  

Buffer’s Transparency is amazing.

Here is where Buffer allocates their revenue: Here’s a link to their funding, term sheet, and valuation: Here’s their equity and ownership breakdowns: Here’s their open salaries story:  

Company Culture and Core Values

The following are a sample of some core values from several companies I’ve either visited or read about — and I like their stated values.  I’ve also included the Four Agreements at the end because I think these are an example of values that help people and teams that work together.  Buffer’s Values Zappos Family Core […]

Firing Employees: The Good, The Bad, and...

Having been at the receiving end of being fired/outsourced (whatever it’s called these days), I’ve witnessed and experienced both good processes and bad ones. I’ll share my thoughts on what I feel like is good advice for what is arguably one of the most difficult things to do as a company owner or manager.  This post […]

Duh Factor

I’ve been working on three big startup ideas over the past 2+ years.  I’ve come to appreciate the Duh Factor for B2C projects. The duh-factor is how long it takes to get from describing your idea to the listener to them getting it and wanting it (how long does it take for you to get […]