Lately I’ve been thinking about simplification and how much of the startup idea iteration process involves simplification, especially the UI and UX aspects.  I’m such a big proponent of this approach that I realized that it’s at the core of my approach to most things in life.

I like taking things that are hard and figuring out how to make them easy.

An inspiration for me has been the concept behind Steve Krug’s great UI/UX book called “Don’t Make Me Think” which I think when combined with the Jobs to Be Done approach is at the center of almost all web based B2C applications and businesses these days. How do I get the job done without having to think!

We are all overwhelmed with having to continually learn new approaches and methodologies which explains why an interface that is familiar or simple is so powerful — it doesn’t require you to think. Let alone learn something new.

The process usually involves relentlessly minimizing your product to its bare essential.  What is it doing and is that one thing compelling enough to get people to change their behavior — it’s a high bar.  See my post on the Duh Factor for more about deciding how hard an idea will be to sell.

So if you have a startup idea, focus on how you can get the job done for your user without making them think and simplify, simplify, simplify.

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