The idea is to create a tool for group trips and then create a marketplace to sell those trips. I have a lot of work toward this and have wire-framed out the whole product and idea. I’d love to work on this with anyone that is interested.



Wondergroups.com is a lightweight group creation app that allows fast and flexible private group creation and communication.



VoterBliss is officially on the shelf and I’ve stopped working on it.  I’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to work out how to “fix” voting by matching people’s values on issues to their candidates.  At the national level the process is easy and I paid for a proof-of-concept to be built (http://voterbliss.herokuapp.com).  This was encouraging but I wanted to take the concept to the local down-ballot candidates and issues.  That’s where I ran into the quagmire of local politics.

My last UI work that was done is here: https://invis.io/8Z5EZ0XP5

A more detailed description of the idea and roadblock is here: http://stuartbertsch.com/voterbliss/

Contact me for any information regarding any of the above.